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Week of February 22. 2016

Simple Acts of Kindness

Simple acts of kindness are really not a hard concept. Do we open doors for our elderly, pick up trash or paper in the hallway, or just simply saying please and thank you in the checkout line? These are acts of kindness that we can model for our children and teach them that kindness and compassion goes a long, long way.

Here are 20 ideas that you can work with your kids to help them show simple acts of kindness at school or throughout the community:

  1. Hold the door open for those behind you.
  2. Say good morning to your teacher, principal, and classmates.
  3. Offer to let your classmate go first.
  4. Offer to take your neighbor’s dog for a walk.
  5. Invite someone new over for a play-date.
  6. Collect foods and canned goods for a food bank.
  7. Volunteer to be a tutor or mentor in a school, especially if there is an area in which you can help another student.
  8. Give someone a compliment at least once every day.
  9. Color a picture, make a craft or send a treat to a senior center or nursing home.
  10. Donate your unwanted toys and books to the children in need.
  11. Write a thank you note to your teacher, your coach, a firefighter, your mentor or someone who has influenced you in a positive way.
  12. Clean up the area around your school or a local park, picking up trash and putting it in the garbage can. You can also help your teacher clean up the classroom.
  13. Be extra kind to your bus driver. Say hello when you get on the bus and say thank you when you get off the bus.
  14. Call your grandparent(s) or other special family members who you do not see often.
  15. Donate your unwanted toys and books to the children in need.
  16. Write a note to your parent(s) or grandparent(s) and tell them why they are special to you.
  17. Help around the house without being asked to do so, such as cleaning your room, taking out the garbage or helping with the laundry.
  18. Going to a new school can be really scary, so be friendly to the new students in your class or grade.
  19. Organize the clothes you don’t wear anymore and donate them to a clothing drive or shelter.
  20. Smile. Smiling is easy and happiness is contagious!

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Oh, The Places You'll Go with READING!!!



February 29 - March 4. 2016

For every book or chapter your child reads at home with you, have your child write their name and the name of the book on one of the red or white strips that your child brought home on Friday. Brin the strip bak to school and bie it to the teacher. Read daily to fill all five of your strips! All students that participate will receive a certificate that will allow them to get a free book at the May BOGO Scholastic Book Fair. Teachers will hold on to the certificate until May! Please check out the Read Across America themed days for fun filled daily activities taking place for PARP! Thank you parents for encouraging and supporting your child's reading success!

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Our PARP Kick-Off Assembly with our Superintendent, Mrs. French! "Oh The Places You'll Go!"

East Side Boogie Fridays. Our School Sure Boogie's Down!

Math and Movement Fun Night Helpers Needed

The East Side Math and Movement Family Fun Night is here on March 17th. We need volunteers! If you are interested in volunteering for this fun event, please complete the Google form by clicking here or call Natalie at 287-7881 and leave a message. Thanks for your help!


Pre K and Kindergarten Pre Registration

We are gathering names for the 2016-2017 Pre K and Kindergarten pre-registrations. Click on the link here to access the pre-registration process! Thank you!
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What's coming up!

  • Monday, February 29th: The Cat in the Hat Day: Wear Stripes
  • Tuesday, March 1st: Fox in Sox Day: Wear crazy or mismatched shoes or socks!
  • Wednesday, March 2nd: Grinch Day: Wear Green
  • Thursday, March 3rd: Thing One & Thing Two Day: Wear a Crazy Hat or Crazy Hair!
  • Friday, March 4th: Cozy Up to a Good Book: Wear Your Pajamas!
  • 3/7/2016: 1st and 2nd Grade Movie Night - (See flyer sent home!)
  • 3/9/2016: PTO Meeting 6:00p.m.

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