Firefox: Web's #1 Browser

Firefox version40 is better and faster than ever!

What Makes Firefox the Best?

The new Firefox is better than ever with the same range of customization features available. Fire fox allows the user to customize the default browser with options such as Bing and DuckDuckGo. It also includes themes to change the overall appearance of the user interface as well as a whole host of productivity and security features. These include ad-blockers, various download managers, and web filters that block certain sites based on keywords you set up. These are just a few of the thousands of features that Firefox has to offer. Firefox also has the speed and capabilities to be at the top of the browser war.
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Additional Features: Theres So Many of Them!

Firefox also has the standard security features that you'd expect- private browsing, encrypted password storage, phishing and malware site warnings- plus the optional Do Not Track, and more advanced tracking protection, to stop ad servers from watching your browsing habits. There are also a few other interesting features built-in, including an RSS reader that allows you to subscribe to your favorite sites and have the news stream in your bookmarks bars.
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Firefox #1 Again in 2016

Firefox ranked #1 in 2015 and yet again has taken the top spot in 2016. You can read the full browser reviews here: