Mrs. Brown

By Mykaela Podoski

Experience at Coleman Elementary School

Mrs. Brown has taught/worked at Coleman Elementary for 15 years.

What she likes most about working at Coleman Elementary is that, " The people are friendly, there are great students, and there is a wonderful school community".

Life Outside of School

In her free time, Mrs. Brown enjoys quilting, reading, sewing, and doing stuff on the computer.

She is married to her husband, Martin Brown, for 30 years, and they have 3 daughters, Amy, Rachel, and Stacy.

A Little Extra Information

Mrs. Brown wants to be remembered as "A dedicated, caring teacher, a devoted wife, and a loving mom".

One piece of advice for her students is to "Always do your best and never, ever, give up, and keep on trying".

Her life was influenced the most by her parents. They started her on her spiritual path and helped her start her career as a teacher.