The Red Panda

Animal acrobats: By Noah Carney

Facts You Need To Know About the Red Panda

Red Pandas are 14 pounds and 3.6 feet tall including the tail. It has red on it's back, bushy tail, and top of the head. It has black on it's legs and belly. Last it has white strips on it's face. They use their long bushy tail to keep balance and warmth. Almost 50% of their habitats are located in the Eastern Himalayas, but they can also be found in China, Myanmar, and Nepal. They live up in the trees. Red Pandas are herbivores. They eat bamboo and other plants. They are very acrobatic and have many skills. I'd love to have this animal as a pet.

This is Why We Are Losing Red Pandas

The Red Pandas are endangered because they get caught in traps they are meant for different animals.They are also getting killed to make Red Panda fur caps. People found them for sale in Bhutan. They're now less than 10,000 in the world. WWF talked to the around where the Red Pandas live and agreed that if you are found guilty killing, buying, or selling Red Pandas and Red Panda products you will get a 1,000 dollar fine. You may also go to jail for 10 years. I hope Red Pandas won't be harmed again.