Why you should think the Culumbian Exchange is bad.

Some positive results of the Culumbian Exchange.

One positive thing that the culumbian exchange had is horses. And it also had,the buffalo was replaced with european cattle.And the last positive thing that the columbian exchange has is the cowboy and all of the cowboy like the rodeo and other stuff.

Some negative results of the Culumbian Exchange

One negative effect is that people depended on the potato. Another negative effect is,when the americaes came a big fungus came,it struc the potato fields. And the last negative effect is people died from the fungus.

why not to go for the exchange

why am i against the exchange

I am against the exchange. I am because a lot of people died. And a lot of people died because the potato fields were struck by the fungus and half of the population was wiped out. I do not know if you think that is good ,but it is really bad so i think the exchange is bad.

brief summery of the columbian exchange

During the columbian exchange there were some good times ( positive effects ) and there some really bad times ( negative effects ).