Responsible Digital Behavior in Ms. Hackel's Classroom


In this classroom, laptops, tablets, Smartphones, and other devices are encouraged; however, please use these only when directed by Ms. Hackel.

On days where technology is allowed, there will be a graphic of a laptop placed on the front whiteboard. If there is no graphic, please keep your devices out-of-sight for the entirety of the class.

  • Only use your devices when directed by Ms. Hackel. If not indicated, please keep your devices out-of-sight for the duration of the class period.
  • Be mindful that whatever you post or share online is a direct representation of YOU.
  • Do not take pictures or videos of others without their permission.
  • Please stay on task when using technology. We are using our devices to enhance our learning, not message our friends or visit on social media.


When using technology in this class, digital safety is of the utmost importance. Please remember to be safe when using your devices.

  • Do not download anything without the teacher's permission.
  • Refrain from sharing any personal information on the Internet. If you have concerns, ask the teacher.
  • Be mindful of visiting only school-appropriate websites when using your devices.


When using your devices, please remember to be responsible when handling equipment. Technology is a great tool to integrate in the classroom, but it is important that students are behave responsibly.

  • Stay seated when working on your devices. If you need to move, please shut down your device and transport it safely.
  • Remember to come to class with your devices charged. If unable to charge, please ensure that you remember to back your charger daily.
  • Refrain from eating or drinking when working on your devices.
  • Computer problems are never an excuse for late or missing assignments. Save your work often and leave yourself extra time to submit assignments.

Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is the most important. – Bill Gates


What if I forget my device at home on a day where we will be using technology?

If you forget your device, you may work with a partner or you may use a hall pass to rent a laptop from the Technology Center in the library.

Why can't I use my cellphone during class?

During class, everyone should be present and engaged participants. Cellphones can be distracting to, not only you, but your peers around you. Additionally, it is simply disrespectful to be on your cellphone when someone else is speaking.

What if I experience technological difficulties during class time?

If you experience troubles with your devices, please consult Ms. Hackel before you attempt to fix it. If it is a major issue, we will work with the Technology Center to solve the issue.

If I've finished my work early, can I surf the Internet?

If you've finished your assignment early, please use this time responsibly. You make read quietly or work on upcoming assignments. I ask that you do not use this time to check social media.



If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me any time. I am accessible by email, Twitter, and by phone. I'm looking forward to having a great year with you!