Mrs. Wells' Reader


Help Tomorrow

Mrs. Callihan asked for me to send the message below out to all the parents.

Hi room reps,

We still need parents to help supervise classes during lunch for a few classrooms so teachers can enjoy the holiday staff luncheon on Friday.

Parents can either meet in the classroom prior to lunch and then walk the class to the cafeteria or meet in the cafeteria and let the teacher know the class is covered so they can enjoy the lunch provided by the 3rd grade families and PTO.

If your class is listed below, we have not received confirmation that a parent will be present to cover the class during lunch. (I apologize if you've emailed me and your class is listed below. Please re-send.)

Thanks so much for your help and let me know if any questions!

2nd Grade

Morris 11:10-11:30

Williams 11:15-11:35

Wertheim 11:20-11:40

1st Grade-Gebhard 12:05-12:25

3rd Grade-Curenton 11:45-12:05

4th Grade

Locke 11:55-12:15

Quinn 12:00-12:20

5th Grade-Ingle 12:45-1:05

Career Goals

I am attaching the Career Goals presentation that the class created before Thanksgiving Break. I hope everyone enjoys it. The kids had such a great time and our celebration, and I can't thank everyone enough for all of the wonderful food.

Data Binders

The students did not bring home their Data Binders today. They will bring them home tomorrow. I wanted to get the chance to put a couple of more assignments in the "Graded Work" section.