My Time at Camp Plug and Play 8.0

Breanne Puglia July 8-12, 2013


I am in the process of created a Weebly website for my classroom. This website will allow students and teachers to access resources very quickly and efficiently. Since teachers now have students computers in their classroom, I am trying to compile resources to help with centers for the computer. Eventually, classes will create their own websites and it will be linked to my website.


I created Thinglinks. This is a cool idea where you take a picture and embed links. You can create webquests for students using Thinklinks. I created a Science Thinglink that is embedded to my website. This will enable students to click on a link and it will go straight to the website. It is a cool way to present links.

Nearpod is created on the computer, but it is an app on your iPad. This will allow presentations to be displayed on iPads, but only you can control your own presentation. This can be used for students because they have polls, drawings and multiple choice questions that you can ask students and they answer right on their iPad! You also get their answers on your iPad right away! It is so cool if you have more than one iPad in the classroom or if you want to present in meetings.

iPad Apps

You want an easy way to make digital newsletters? Use this website to create flyers/Newsletters for your classroom. Super easy!

So much more......

I have so many apps/resources that I cannot share all on one page. Anyone can come to me for questions or ideas to use in their classroom and I will be happy to help them.