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Comfort, Caring and Challenges For Your Family


My goal is to offer resources to individualize activities that best meet your child’s learning needs and to offer enjoyable challenges for your family. Email photos of your work to I will post whatever I can in our Monday Movie.

Individual Coding Challenge:

Can you complete your coding course in Email me a photo of all the dark green dots Then you can go to Tinkercad and make something for the 3D printer. I will print until I run out of filament. Ready, set, code! Email Mrs. Wheeler if you forgot your class code, passcode or picture. Movie to remind you how to log in.

Monday Morning Movie

If you want your photo up for sure:

1. It must be in focus

2. It must be appropriate for all ages including a kindergarteners and grandmas

3. Your parent must send it to

Some photos posted by parents to Dojo or posted on FB might be included too.

Logging into Google Accounts

One way to connect to students is in Google Classroom through a student's Google Account. These accounts can be reached at home using the following steps :

Go to

  • Click sign in.
  • Type in your where it asks for an email.
  • Type in your password (It is the same password used to log into your Chromebook.)
  • Hello ID may come up. No worries. type the username again and then the password.

Younger students brought cards home on Monday. If a student needs a username or passcode, email Mrs. Wheeler. at This movie video, created by Stephanie Feist, demonstrates how to login.

This link will connect to Google Classroom.

There is Still Time to Make a Family Media Plan

If you want some help setting up some agreements around media use, read the family Digital Citizenship agreement in Common Sense Media and create a plan that works for your family.

Fourth and Fifth Grade Electives

The following electives have their own dedicated Google Classroom:


3D Printing

Tai Chi





Email if you want to finish your last week of electives.

Book Clubs

Some students chose books to read together at home. I made a dedicated Google Classroom for these students. If you want access to your class, have a parent or guardian email me and we will get you going!