the cotton gin

cotton is king

History behind it

When Eli Whitney graduated from Yale and moved down south he soon realized that cotton was very hard to separate from its seed. He then made a small invention that had a big boom in american history. The cotton gin was a invention that made life easier for slaves, but it also had a raging high demand for more slaves, plantations were making a huge profit from the distribution of cotton, this made a huge profit for Americans and it started with a small wooden box.


Progress has different meanings for different people. And for people of African descent, the cotton gin was not progress. It was a further entrenchment of enslavement. And for African Americans, the Industrial Revolution, those technological advances in the textile industry, did not mean progress. It meant slavery. - Margaret Washington, historian

This Ginn, if turned with horses or by water, two persons will clean as much cotton in one Day as a Hundred persons could cleane in the same time

- Eli Whitney, inventor of the cotton gin