By: Ann Gaither

Their Government

Indonesia's Government is a republic. Their President, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono is the head of their Goverment. Did you know that their country's official name is The Republic Of Indonesia?

Indonesia's biggest exports

One of Indonesia's major exports is rice. There are large rice paddies in the fields of Indonesia. Another major export is Cement. There is a large cement industry there! A huge export in Indonesia is Oil, you will see many oil drills in the ocean there.

Indonesia's Geography

Indonesia is about 741, 000 square miles (1.9 million square km.) It is covered with Geographical Landforms. Mount Bromo is one of the Mountains in Indonesia and Mount Jaya is another one. There is River Mamberamo (the longest river in Indonesia) and of course, there are about 17,500 islands to name. Indonesia is surrounded by the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. Indonesia Borders Papua New Guinea, Malaysia, and Timor-Leste or East Timor.

Their symbols

Some of Indonesia's symbols are their flag, their money ,and their coat of arms! The colors of the flag are red and white. The red stands for human blood and the white stands for human spirit.

Indonesia's Citizens

Indonesia's citizens are called Indonesians. Most of them live in Jakarta. Other big cities are, Surabaya and Bandung. There are about 251, 160, 124 people living in Indonesia. Almost all of them speak Bahasa Indonesian. Did you know that Indonesia didn't have a common language until the late 1920's? Indonesia has 33 provinces and about 300 ethnic groups. The first Indonesian's came here 4,500 years ago. Major belief systems are Islam, Buddhism, Christianity, and Hinduism.

Indonesia's independence

Indonesia gained its independence in 1942. It was controlled by 2 countries before it was declared its own independent country. The people who controlled it were called the Dutch and the British.

Indonesia's nature

Indonesia is the home to many animals. In fact, it is home to the largest flower in the world! It is called the Rafflesia. The Wallace Line is an imaginary line that shows where the Flora and Fauna changes. Flora is the plants and Fauna is the animals.