How to use a compass

By Adriel Willis

How to use a compass

  1. Place your compass on the map on the and the edge has to align with your starting point and the location you want to reach
  2. Hold the compass on the map to keep the base plate steady
  3. Turn the capsule so the North-South lines line up with lines on the map
  4. Make sure the North-South arrow on the compass aligns with North on the map
  5. hold the compass in front of you
  6. Turn your body so the North-South arrows line up with the magnetic needle
  7. the red end is lining up with the arrow
  8. The directional arrows on the baseplate should show your direction

Earth's magnet field

A compass has two poles that's why compasses point North.North is attracted to South vice- versa and north repels South vice versa. Earth is big magnet it has South an North poles. The North part of A compass is attracted to Earth meaning magnets are attracted to the south pole of Earth.

The definition of a compass

The definition of a compass in a object that has a magnetized pointer that shows the direction of magnetic North.People use it to find objects,locations,etc.

Parts of a Compass

The base plate

North sign

The magnetic needle

The housing

The direction of travel arrow

The degrees

The orienting arrow

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