stockholm, sweden

home of savory food, and amazing countrysides

tackle some delicious meatballs! that will have your taste buds warring!

there breakfast will have wanting more with lots of palatable foods to try! from smorgas, a gooey bubbly and buttery sandwich with cheese to delicious, fresh, breads, cheeses and deli meats. Their lunch choices will have you eating to fast to enjoy! try their juicy flavorful meatballs! with savory buttery mashed potatoes. For dinner feast on thick soups, sausage,rolls,cabbage,and more. Lots of things are paired with their jams for dessert. made from the plumpest berries and purest sweeteners.

culture/history/arts- discover all the beautiful things that sweden has!

Awaken your inner singer and join one of Sweden's many choirs. Have you ever tried folk dancing? Get up and join in. Maybe you could become the artist you never thought you'd be. Like Cal Larson or Anders Zorn. During christmas is the best. Its a change from our american traditions with a candle lighting every week for 4 weeks. And delicious christmas dishes. Or, go back in time and be creative, with things like woodcarving and weaving. Your fingers will ache but it will be worth it.

painting by anders Zorn.

swedish choir

Tourism/entertainment- become one of the swedes!

Although a small one, Sweden's movies industry is a nice one. With lots of movies to go see like, "Wild Strawberries", a classical made in 1957.Go be active for a while if you want to. Swedes play a lot of sports.Or, just be leisurely and enjoy Sweden's countryside. Theres also many festivals. Sweden offers the Arctic wilderness of the far north, cool urban fashion shows in the cities and five-star culinary adventures all over the country. Theres so much to enjoy! its exquisite!

swedish coutryside

landmarks/ historical sights- Theres so many things to discover! from vikings to ships!

The vasa museum holds the vasa warship built in 1626-1628! Wanna know more about the swedish government? Visit the swedish city hall. Ride the magnificent train on the Oresund bride, over the sparkling Oresund strait. The royal palace, home to the swedish monarchs is spectacular. You'll be amazed. But what tops these land marks overall? Old town, built in 1626- 1628. Its glorious, with flawless houses, made with the most classical looks.

Vasa warship

old town, in sweden

language- swedish to th fullest!

did you know, tha some of the swedish language is like our own? some of the words they say in swedish sounds the same.that makes for better communication. Apallingly enogh, some of the swedes language that had to do with runestones, were used in viking journeys! A runestone is is typically a raised stone with a runic inscription, but the term can also be applied to inscriptions on boulders and on bedrock. Its used in the swedish language. They are not necessarily grave markers, but instead tend to be memorials to family members who have died. For about 20 years, runestines have been recorded documented and digatalized on a database called the scandinavian runic text database. which is part of the language



Thinking it might be cold? The swedes gulf sream keeps them from freezing. In winter, sweden has a lot of snow to have fun in. Its grat for dog sleding and *ice climbing. The climate of sweden is cold but rises trough the year, with lots of rain in the mixture. Its so cold that ts not uncommon to have polar bears. *ice climbing- Ice cimbing is the activivity of climbin ice formations. Usualy it is ice refrozen from water like lakes and rivers.

ice climbing

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