Macaroni Penguin


How do I describe the Macaroni Penguin?

I describe the Macaroni penguin as cool, fun, and very adventurous too. Especially when they are in groups.

Where does the Macaroni Penguin belong in the food chain?

Macaroni penguins eats krill and sometimes eat small fish. Macaroni penguins eat about four million tons of krill a year! The predators for the Macaroni penguins are mostly whales and seals.


What is its habitat like?

They mostly go to a place that has little vegetation. When it is time for breeding they go near rocky slopes.


How has the Macaroni Penguin adapted?

The Macaroni penguins are very sensitive to sudden changes in the environment and the water's temperature. I don't think they have adapted well yet but for them it will just take a little bit longer.


Why are they endangered?

The Macaroni penguins are vulnerable on the endangered chart. The Macaroni penguins are endangered because of the sudden change of environment.