The iPhone 6 +

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Prices And Places

The Prices For A iPhone 6 + Depends Mostly On How Many GB You Want on it. They can go from $100 - $400. They come in 16, 64, and 128 GB.

You can get these phones from any phone stores and sometimes off the internet

On the iPhones they always add more features to catch the attention of consumers. They added a touch i.d. to unlock the phone, made the camera to look better, and added more features to it.

Marketing strategy

The exclusivity technique works by making the eligible subset of customers feel special. This creates a better customer business relationship and is proven to increase brand loyalty.

Apple have taken this technique and put their own spin on it to develop what has been one of the most successful, and probably low-cost marketing techniques of all time.

Instead of making a special offer exclusive, Apple made their entire iPhone product range exclusive.

Target Marketing

Teenagers are considered one of Apple target markets. Teenagers use iPods for many reasons. Some of these reasons are to socialize with friends, listen to music and go on Facebook, twitter etc. There are also many gaming apps that appeal to them. IPods have become quite a trend with teenagers.

Adults are also one of Apple Inc.'s target markets. iPhone's are useful to adults for their everyday needs such as phone calls, map directions, internet connection, documents and cameras. Carrying these small devices makes adults lives much easier forcommunicating daily.