Native People

Ho Chunk Tribe

What they eat

The Ho Chunk people ate meet for animals. They got there're food for hunting and fishing. And the didn't waste any part of the animal they killed.


They got there clothes for the animals they killed. They skinned the animals and made there cloths out of the fur.


They lived in Birch wigwams that they built out of birch wood.They made a hole in the top of the roof so the smoke can get out.
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The man hunted and fished. They woman gathered plants and took care of the children. The older kid played and help out too.


When the Ho Chunk people had a celebration they would dances and eat food together. They celebrate for days and days.
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The people of the Ho Chunk Tribe today, have feasts to celebrate people and many more thing. They eat food and have a great time together.
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Live today

The people of the Ho Chunk Tribe today live on 2,000 acres across Wisconsin. They still eat the food they made long time ago.


The Ho Chunk people traded with the Europeans for guns and pot and pans. The bad thing was they got sick and didn't now how the heal. They died for the sickness.

I think is cool about the Ho Chunk tribe

I think some thing that are cool about the Ho Chunk tribe is the way they talk, another thing is the used bows and arrows to hunt animals. And the story's they told. Another is the kids do the same thing that we do today like hunting, fishing, camping. The last this is there art work that they did, like pottery, basket making and quillwork.
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Where I got it from informatoin

I got all the pictures and information,,, Native People of Wisconsin by: Patty Loew,