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Lakeview Family Newsletter ~ October 22

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No School on Friday, October 29

Rethinking "Classrooms"

If you have a child in 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade, you know that our students have new desks and that we opened up the walls between classrooms. We did this with a wall in a 2nd grade classroom as well. Our teachers and students are working together across the grade level more than ever. It used to be that a student may have had just one homeroom teacher who taught that student reading, writing, math, and science, and anything else. Now, our teachers are working together to think about our students as an entire grade level, together with the special education teacher that works with the grade level. That means that your 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade students may work with both classroom teachers - as well as other adults - throughout the day. This allows our teachers to group students and work flexibly on the skills that students need. Therefore, it would not be unusual to hear your child say something like "I worked with Ms. Carrier for reading and Ms. Mortier for math today" (using our 4th grade teachers as an example). We believe this models the real world for our students and allows our teachers to address individual student needs more effectively.

Halloween at School

Two things to know about Halloween:

• In South Milwaukee, costumes are not allowed in any of our elementary schools for Halloween.

• We encourage you to keep the candy at home and save it for trick-or-treat. If you do send any candy item to share with classmates, it will not be eaten at school, but it will be shared just before dismissal so that it can be taken home for consumption.

PTO Update

There is great news from this week's PTO meeting! Thanks to the generosity of the Lakeview PTO, we should be able to add 6 swings to the playground on the east side of the building. The east side of our building is usually for our older students and it has limited, older playground equipment. As you might imagine, playground equipment is quite expensive and we have been working for many years to try to update this side of our building. Thanks to the efforts of our PTO, approximately $5000 is being donated to start this work by adding the swings. We believe that, if people work together over the coming years, more new equipment could be added. Stay tuned for how you can help our students. Thank you, PTO!

Keep watching for information coming home soon about how you can support Lakeview through Box Tops for Education (it's really easy!), Smencil sales for students, a candle fundraiser for the holidays, and a clothing donation drive for our health room.

School Calendar

We had about 15 students at Lakeview this week that were not picked up on Wednesday because the family did not remember or realize that it was a 2:05 dismissal. Please look at this school calendar and mark the dates on your family calendar.

This Week's Golden Lions!

There were 18 Golden Lions awarded to students this week. Here are the descriptions for each of those Golden Lions. Our students demonstrate GREAT character at Lakeview!

• Burkely always listens carefully to directions and follows them carefully and thoughtfully. He is thinking about the questions that are being asked during discussions and always tries to add his thinking to our class discussions. You are a great addition to Lakeview and we're glad you're here!!

• Although Madden doesn't always seem to enjoy writing, I appreciate that he is willing to ask for help. He is also flexible and willing to listen to ideas and suggestions from any adult in the room to help improve his writing. Keep up the hard work, Madden!

• Skyler is working hard during writing. He is listening to the mini-lessons and intentionally trying what we are learning in his writing. In fact, he used one of our strategies and rewrote an ending he liked better than his first ending! Thanks for being open minded and so eager to apply what you are learning.

• Yeliezis is someone I can count on to always be ready to learn. She listens to mini-lessons and eagerly tries whatever we are learning. She is always excited to share what she's working on and open to suggestions for improvement. Thank you for being a role model to others!

• Today after our writing mini-lesson, Caleb got right to work! He took out his needed materials and started getting his ideas onto paper. I appreciate that he was a role model to others by not allowing himself to get distracted as others continued to settle in.

• When another student dripped juice on the floor, Paisleigh kindly said, "I'll wipe it up." She got paper towels and wiped it up on her own. So helpful!

• Logan did a great job working in math on a new game. He was very safe as we did a scavenger hunt in the room and also followed the directions for the game. Great job working with friends, Logan!

• Lerice got to after school care and realized he forgot his Math homework. He came back to the room to get it. Taking responsibility for finishing your assignments and making your brain grow is an awesome way to be engaged. I'm so proud of you, Lerice!

• David, you are working extremely hard to be respectful and to be engaged. You did a phenomenal job in math today staying focused on your work and not bothering others. Every time you make the good choice you are showing me what a great student you are. Keep working hard and making good choices. I am SO PROUD OF YOU!!

• Nora has learned to care for her materials.

• Izzy has been helping clean and care for the classroom.

• When Annabelle and her partner arrived at a table to do their Word Work, another partnership was just sitting down, and there weren't enough chairs for everyone. Annabelle volunteered to work somewhere else. Thanks, Annabelle, for being respectful to your friends and solving a problem quickly so you could get right to work.

• Whenever I am teaching, giving a direction, or asking for everyone's attention, Owen gives me his undivided attention. Because he is an engaged listener, he knows what is expected of him on his assignments, and it shows in the quality work that he produces. Way to go, Owen!

• I can always count on Sylis to repeat the directions and to help others figure out what to do next! Keep up the good work!

• Kaylee worked very carefully and neatly on her sound tree.

• Damonei and Aiden worked well in a small group today. Both boys were very engaged and polite. They had a great discussion about the story while writing their summaries and were extremely kind and polite to each other. Way to go! Keep up the great work! (Each student received a Golden Lion, so this counts for two)

• Maliah has begun to raise her hand to answer questions in class.

Roar Awards!

Do you appreciate a staff member at Lakeview? Show them you care by submitting their name for a ROAR Award (the grown-up version of our Golden Lions for students). Here is the link to submit - you can submit as many as you want, every week! The staff member will get a certificate and his/her name will be entered in a monthly drawing for a gift card to the place of their choice. Our staff really appreciates the nice notes. ROAR Awards are sponsored by the Lakeview PTO.