A Girl In Tree Gap Is Kidnapped

Winnie Foster is kidnapped in Tree Gap

The Mood Of Tuck Everlasting

The mood of Tuck Everlasting in the beginning it is sad. In the middle is sad but still happy. Near the end it is scary and sad. In the end it sad but a little scary.

What Tuck Everlasting Is About

It is about a little girl named Winnie and she wants to run away. She runs into the woods and finds a boy named Jesse and drinking water but he said that she should not drink it. Then a girl on a horse named Mae and next to it a boy named Miles and kidnapped her to tell her a story. The story was about that they can live forever and they took her to there house. Then a man in a yellow suit came to take Winnie home but she didn't want to go and Mae hit the. The man died and Mae went to jail. Miles, Jesse and Winnie went to get her out of jail.

Over Hearing A Story

A man in a yellow suit over hears a story by a mother and two kids. But the story was private story came up and heard the story. The man did say anything about the story.

story of living forever

Tuck takes Winnie in the row boat to talk to Winnie about living forever. They talk about living and the life cycle. Also the life cycle of animals. Also that they are like rocks stuck in the river bed.

Man Gets Hit

Mae hit the man in the yellow he butt of a shotgun. Mae hit the man he yellow suit with the shotgun because he was pulling Winnie away. The man in the yellow suit was saying that he will make her drink the water. Also the man in the yellow suit was going to have teats on them because they can't die.

Figurative Language from Tuck Everlasting

A simile in Tuck Everlasting. It says that the first week of august is like the top seat of a Ferris wheel. It means that it will take a long time.

My Opinion On The Book

My opinion on Tuck Everlasting is that it is a good book. Thoughts on this book is that it is not my favorite book but still good. I like some of the characters in the book. The plot of the book was good and fun.