Aerospace Engineering

Kuvalaya Tummala

What is Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace engineering is a field of engineering where engineers direct the testing, designing, and manufacturing of aircraft, spacecraft and aerospace products.
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Why Pick Aerospace Engineering

I have always had a fascination the unknowns beyond our planet and even our galaxy. In addition to my fascination with space, ever since I was a child I had always enjoyed design and creation to the point where I had an obsession with toys like Lego. I would like to be an aerospace engineer because it has to do with both of these interests of mine.

Typical Day for an Aerospace Engineer

In a typical day an aerospace engineer could do a variety of things from designing a product on a computer to testing a design with a simulation to writing reports or creating presentations on your project.

Starting Salary for an Aerospace Engineer

Depending on where they are employed the starting salary for an aerospace engineers can vary. However, the average starting salary for an aerospace engineer with a bachelors degree is $53,408.
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Educational Requirements for an Aerospace Engineer

In order to become an aerospace engineer a bachelors degree in the field of aerospace engineering or any field related to aerospace is required.
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