Renewable resouces the futre to us!

Wind power,it will blow you away

by: Ava Domjanic

Renewable resources

The renewable resorces we use are solar power,wind power,biomass,geothrmal and hydroeletric. The need for these renewable resources are becoming more and more necessary because they can be renewed or replaced very easily. Renewable resources are clean,healthy and friendly twords the enviorment. We need them because eventually we will run out of non-renewable resources,we rely heavily on them. Renewable resources are energy. Energy makes things work. You may not be able to see it but it is there and we need it to do everything running,jumping,breathing and even sleeping! Everything has energy stored inside it,when stored energy is released it changes into heat energy,light energy,sound energy or movement evergy. Energy is NOT unlimited. That is what I know about renewable resources.

Wind energy

Wind energy has been around for a very long time, it is about as old as earth. It is very helpful and has more advantages than disadvantages. It affects our lives in many ways, it brings clouds and rain and blows it away on the wash line it drys wet clotching it also lifts our kites and toy planes. It works because wind turbines produce wind. Wind energy works better in windy parts of the world. It is a new resource that we use. There are about 200,000 wind turbines in the world. Nearly half of all worlds wind genorated power is made in the US. The next biggest are Denmark and Germany. That is all i know in genoral about wind energy.

Advantages of wind energy

There are many advantages of wind energy. It is a renewable resource that is healthy,clean,strong and friendly twords the enviorment. It also provides little or no polution.Cost wise wind energy is one of the lowest priced renewable resources. It doesnt cause green house gases and takes up a small plot of land. It can provide extra income for farmers. It is very useful,wind energy also makes electricity. It is a free source of energy. Those are all the advantages of wind energy that I know of.

Disadvantages of wind energy

There are many disadvantages of wind power,but there are still more advantages. Some of the problems of wind energy are that the blades on the wind turbinesmay damage wild life. The wind turbine kills at least THREE birds per year. People that live in the country side should be left untouched and really anywhere it ruins the land scape because most people think that they are ugly. They belive nature should be left in its natural form. Another thing is that they are very expensive to build. Wind turbines are also very noisey and that gets very anoying if you live near one it is unreliable beacause one day it could be super windy and that would get lots of energy but the next day there may not even be a breese and there wouldn't be any energy. Also out of 200,000 wind turbines only 50,000 produce electricity and that is all that I know about the amazing power of wind.
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