Air pollution

by:Nonyonna and kiara

main causes of air pollution

There are many causes of air pollution but here are a couple of the main causes indoor and outdoor some of the main causes outdoor consist of burning of fossil fuels such as coil,oil,natural gases and gasoline to power our cars and electricity some of the main causes of indoor pollution consist of tobacco fuel ,cleaning products, cooking oil ,paint and soil under buildings.
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Effects of air pollution

Air pollution can have many effects on human and environmental health such as bronchitis,irritation to the nose ,throat and eyes asthma and head aches from factories and sewer systems.The environmental effects on the environment consist of:acid rain, soil composition, cars and can also cause buildings to decay,birth defects and lower reproductive rates.

How can you prevent air pollution

There are a lot of ways to help prevent air pollution there are even little things you can do to help such as drive less carpool or even bike ride short distances instead of driving cars cause about half of the air pollution,choose air friendly products many products you use every day are made with smog forming chemicals