Physical Science Update


Unit 2B Project

Last week, students were assigned an individual, at home project. Students may choose between building and filming a Rube Goldberg Machine or creating and illustrating their own children's book that incorporates simple machines. Besides the at-home portion of this project, students will have an in-class portion as well. Students have been provided with a list of 4 questions that they will have to turn into an essay (1-2 paragraphs). Students will not be allowed to use notes for the in-class essay, but they can prepare for it by practicing answer the questions using notes and I am willing to proofread sample essays. The importance of completing the essay in class is that it covers all major concepts students should have learned.

The at-home project is due Wednesday, 1/21 and I have moved the in-class essay to Friday, 1/23. Originally, a test was scheduled for Friday. However, instead of taking a test, the two components of the project will count as the test grade. On Thursday, 1/22, students will take a comprehensive Unit 2B quiz and the optional study guide was sent home today.

Supplemental Resources

If you feel that your child needs more support for the Unit 2B concepts, then here is a list of supplemental work that can be beneficial, but is not assigned as a grade:

  • Chapter 8 section reviews (textbook work)
  • Chapter 8 review (textbook work)
  • Chapter 8 CRCT pages (textbook work)
  • Study guide (to be handed out soon - not required to be completed)
  • All notes are posted to Edmodo to be reviewed


To help with communication, I have created a website where there is a calendar of events. If you click on the day, it will give you a list of what we did in class plus homework. Please use this resource to help you know what is going on and if your child is absent, he/she can know what was missed.


If you any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me at!