The Tiger Times

November 2, 2018-2nd Edition

Thank you!

We would like to thank everyone for your responses on our first edition of The Tiger Times. We hope you like this one just as much. This edition of the newsletter is done by Mrs. Wallace's class.
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Teacher Spotlight

Heather Copley is our Teacher Spotlight. It’s her first time being interviewed by the TIGER TIMES. We had a few questions for her to answer, to get to know her better.

Q.What encouraged you to start teaching?

A.”I love working with children and helping them learn and grow.”

Q.Have you ever taught before?

A.”I have.I taught at Plato.”

Q.What colleges did you attend?

A.”I attended Drury university.”

Q.How long have you been teaching?

A.”I’ve been teaching for 4 years. ”

Q.Are you married and do you have children?
A.”I am married and I have 4 children.”

Q.When is your Birthday?

A.”May 20th.”

Q.Who inspired you to be a teacher?

A.”My mom is a teacher, she inspired me.”

Q.What did you dream to be as a kid?

A.”A teacher.”

Welcome Mrs.Copley To HES.

By. Chesney Warner and Rita Zveniatchovskaia

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Ways to Stop The Spread

Mrs. Clinton's 5th grade Science classes are learning about 'Infection Detection' and germs. There are lots of way for germs to spread and lots of ways to spread them. Here are some ways to reduce the spread of germs. One way is to eat a lot of vitamin C. Another way is to wash your hands. But wash your hands right. Wash your hands as often as possible. When washing your hands, make sure to take off your jewelry off. Rings and bracelets are great hiding places for bacteria. Washing is not enough, you need to scrub.For best results,count to thirty when washing hands. Don’t forget to scrub under your fingernails, especially if they are long. Many people do not know that cleaning your soap dispenser is important,because your dirty hands touch it before they are clean. Use a towel to dry thoroughly after washing your hands.

By. Hannah Ennis and Riley Wilson

Black Team vs Willow Springs

Houston’s Black Team were off to an awesome start. They scored 3 touchdowns and two 2 point conversions! In the first two quarters, Karson Walker scored one touchdown. Then Randal Dodd made about 6 yards, he made about 4 more yards. We won are game 30-0. We were all sad the season was over. In total we lost 1 game and won the other 5.

By: Karson Walker and Fletcher Wilson

Update on the 3rd Grade Tobacco Hornworm

Mrs.Wilson’s 3rd grade class has a Tobacco Hornworm, named Grandee. We went down to their classroom to interview Mrs.Wilson about the worm! (BTW he doesn't eat meat or dairy. Sorry for giving out false information in our last edition.)

Q: What is his/her name?

A: “His or Her name is Grandee.”

Q: What color is is the worm?

A:” Green with tiny dots.”

Q: Has the worm made it’s chrysalis yet?

A: “He is buried but I don’t know if they make one under the dirt.”

Q: How big is he/she?

A: “It’s the size of a hummingbird.”

Q: Where did you get the hornworm?

A:” Ditmars farms.”

Q: Who feeds the worm?

A: “Parent’s brought in tomato leaves.”

Q:What color is a hawk moth?

A: “ He or she blends in with bark.”

Q: When will it be when it comes up from the dirt ?

A: ” It should be around spring.”

Q: What color are the horns?

A: “Red.”

Q: What kind of moth it will be?

A:” It will be a Hawk moth.” By. Addison Neugebauer and Bradley Bay

Educational Quote

“What we learn becomes a part of who you are." -Kathy R. Jeffords

By. Paul Dhillon

Inspirational Quote

"Stay positive work hard and make it happen."-Unknown

By. Paul Dhillon and Bradley Bay

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Spotlight student

The spotlight student is 4th grader Natalie Holden. Natalie is nine years old and grew up in Houston, Missouri and has four siblings. Natalie wants to go to Florida beach. Her favorite subject is math. She likes to play volleyball with her sister. She also likes the color orange. Her favorite book is Cat in the hat.

By. Kaeden Lee and Kendal Bryan

Red team vs Mountain view 2

In the first half our QB scored the first touchdown of the game. Then Mountain view 2 scored. In the second half our running back Luke made an amazing run. Someone on the other team got about a thirty yard run. But we stopped them because they would be ahead. We won the last game in the Mitey Mights season.

by. Caden Guerra

Artsonias winner

If you go to Artsonia you can vote at school or at home on electronic equipment until Saturday. Go to the artist of the week on Artsonia. We compete with schools across the world. The winning artwork of the week gets a $50 gift card for art supplies. A $100 gift card goes to the school! If you win you get a plaque that has your name on it and it says your a winner. This year our artist is Reese Wilson. Congratulations Reese Wilson we hope you win.

We have added a link below that you can go to and vote. Voting ends this Saturday, November 3. So please go vote today and tomorrow.

by.Hannah Ennis and Caden Guerra

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Sunshine student's for the October were...

Kipp Copley, Logan Cross, Aubryn Floyd, Dale Harper, Landon Parish, Elias Ice, Brylee McCain, Braxton Malam, Emilee Edwards, Haddlie Sue Miller, Nastia Zveniatchovskaia, Cody McDonald , Nora leggins, Jeremy Rhoades, Claire Benoist , Alexis Carr, Aiden Cox, Serenity Malota , Skyler Holden, Hazel Wells, Krystal Sturgeon, Shane Yonkers, Ashley Gilbert, Halie Hamilton, T.J. Royal, Makayla Shook, and Colton Bland.

Congratulations to all!

by. Addison Neugbaurer

Red Panda Fun Facts

Have you ever heard of the Red Panda? If not, then we are going to tell you more about them. Red Pandas were first discovered in 1825, about 48 years before the Giant Panda. Red Pandas live in parts of China and northern Myanmar. They eat bamboo shoots and bamboo leaf tips. They are small mammals, and similar in size to the common house cat. French Zoologist called the Red Pandas the “most beautiful” animal he had ever seen and named it “Ailurus Fulgens” meaning fire-colored,or shining cat. The common name Panda, may be derived from a Nepalese name for these animals, Nigalya Ponya, which may have meant “bamboo footed.’ I hope you enjoyed learning more about Red Panda

BY: Annabelle Westbrook, Macy Hebblethwaite, and Kynlee Weaver

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The Giant Sweet Potato

The humongous sweet potato was grown by Fletcher Wilson and his grandma, Donna Wilson. This sweet potato was planted May 1,2018, planted in a barrel using Miracle Gro Potting Soil and plant feed. When it was hot, it was watered everyday. It started out as a vine with a small root. It was picked about October 20,2018. It’s circumference is 16’’. The sweet potato’s length was 37”and the width was 14”.

By: Karson Walker, Fletcher Wilson,and Caden Guerra


November 6 - Proud little Americans 1st grade program

Rehearsal (1:00) -Performance (6:00)

November 8 -Veteran Assembly High School Gym

1:00 p.m.

November 13 -School Board Meeting

November 19-23 -Thanksgiving Break

November 30-Schoolwide Classroom Birthday Celebrations

December 10 - Santa holiday Hoedown 4th and 5th grade program

Rehearsal-(1:00) Performance - (6:00)

November - December- Christmas Cards for residents of area nursing homes.

Art Club

November - December - Session

January - February - Session 2

March - April - Session 3

December 21-January 4 -Christmas Break

January 7 -Back to school

January 21 -No School Martin Luther King Day

A Note From The Teacher

Thank you so much for your support throughout this new adventure. Our kids are more than excited about learning about how a newspaper works, and how to get articles published. On our first edition, we had around 270 views from as far as Africa and China! How cool is that!

Our next issue is scheduled for release on November 16th!