Barbed wire

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In 1867 barbed wire was created by Joseph Glidden of De Kalb, Illinois.
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Before the " thorny fence" there was a lack of effective farming and ranching practices. Fortunately, After the invention of barbed wire farmers could have a vast amount of land full of livestock. Then the fence was also designed to protect livestock from animals attempting to consume them by piercing the animals.
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Glidden invented a new design of barbed wire that is recognized today in 1877. In De Kalb, Il Glidden was competing with another inventor Michael Kelly over the barbed wire design, but Glidden`s work turned out the best. His method was to have a wire barb locked onto a double strand wire.
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Joseph Glidden was born in Charlestown, New Hampshire and became an American businessman. His first creation of barbed wire was by using coffee mill. Glidden`s fence business became successful when him and his sales agent Henry Stanborn developed the "Frying Pan Ranch". This ranch raised 12,000 cattle on 35,000 acres of land protected by barbed wire.


BY:Yhambria Simmons 2/3/16

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