The 7 Principles of Government

...and how they're used in the U.S. Constitution

Popular Sovereignty

Definition:A government in which the people rule.*Where in the constitution?:The preamble; "We the people of the United States establish this constitution of the United States of America*


Definition:The people exercise their power by voting for their political representatives.*Where in the constitution?:Article 4,section 4;"each state has a republican for of government."*


Definition:A system of government where power is divided between a central government& smaller units, such as states.*Where in the constitution?:The nation has-delegated(national),reserved(states),and concurrent(both)powers*

Seperation of Powers

Definition: The division of basic government roles into branches.*Where in the constitution?:Articles 1,2,&3 explain how the powers are split.*

Checks & Balances

Definition:Each branch of government can exercise checks(controls) over the other branches.*Where in the constitution?:Only congress can pass laws, however the president can choose not to sign them.*

Limited Government

Definition:Everyone must obey the law;no one can twist the law for their own benefit.*Where in the constitution?: Article one,section 9 lists the powers denied to congress; Article 1,section 10 forbids states to take certain actions.*

Individual Rights

Definition:Personal rights and liberties*Where in the constitution?:the Bill of Rights guarentees individual rights.*