Gentle Reminder: Office Etiquette

Raven Homeschool, Anchorage Office

Help us keep our school safe and clean.

Our office has become a very busy place! We love seeing our families come in for activities on a regular basis. It's so great to see the relationships between staff, students and families develop and grow.

While our school is a student and family friendly place, we are also a professional place of business. We expect safe and respectful behavior from all visitors. Unfortunately, we have received complaints from our neighbors in the building regarding noise and unsafe behavior. Because of these issues, we ask that your family be mindful and adhere to the following guidelines when visiting our school.

Is my behavior safe, responsible and respectful?

  • Walk. Running anywhere inside the building causes disruption to our neighbors.
  • Stay inside our office suite unless you are using the restroom or leaving.
  • Kids must stay with their parents at all times, unless they are in a supervised activity with a teacher.
  • Clean up after yourselves, especially in the family room.
  • Find a quiet activity to do while you are waiting.

Let's work together to keep your Raven office safe and clean!


Your Anchorage Raven Staff