North Dakota

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The first people came to

North Dakota 12,000 years ago In about 10,000 BC. Native Americans setteld along the Missouri River about 1,000 years ago. Some of the groups were Mandan, Hidasta, and Arikara. Mandan Lived in Earth lodges. The flint was valuable to native Americans.Did you know that Lewis and Clark came to North Dakota? In 1682, France owned part of North Dakota. In 1738, England had the area. Then,in 1861, the U.S. Congress created the North Dakota territory. In 1978, the Theadore Roosevelt national park was established. Now, the Chipawa tribe owns the turtle reservation.

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Geography and landforms

North Dakota is located in the Midwest of the USA. It borders 2 Canadian provinces: Manitoba and Sascatchewan.Red river and Red river valley form the Eastern border.It is located in the Great Plains with high,rolling hills,which are home to many bison. The badlands are located in the southwest. North Dakota is the 17th largest state,with the 3rd smallest population in the USA. Farming is common because of the rich,firtle soil.There where once glaciers that covered the land,forming lakes,ponds,and valleys.
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recreation and entertainment

In the summer months,many people like to go camping,fishing,hiking,deer hunting,and play football.In the winter,snowmobiling,ice fishing,sledding,and tobogganing are popular.Many people like to hokey,too,so it's not surprising that they have a winter sport festival.They love to celebrate their culture,so they host an international powwow,where they celebrate with crafts and dances.There are many cowboys in North Dakota,so there are also many rodeos.
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fun facts

Some fun facts about North Dakota are that North Dakota and South Dakota became states on the same day, dakota means friends or allies, and north dakotan descendents are called "mitis"or"metchis"meaning "mixed blood".the wild prarie rose is the state flower.Some people call it the "flicker tail state" because of it's large population of tail-flicking squirrels.And,even though Bismark is the capital,Fargo is the largest city in North Dakota Bismark is also the name of a pastry.Yum!