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Lectionary-Based Playlist /Issue 26/September 27, 2020

Humbly Regard Others as More Important than Yourself!

It's hard to be humble in a culture that values accomplishment and achievement. Though neither of those things are bad, they begin to cause problems when the value of them becomes our sole focus. How can we teach our families to put others first and our children to have an understanding of humility? The choices below will help you explore the themes from this weekend's readings. Jesus calls us to place others before ourselves. How might you live that message out this week? Choose one or more of the options below. All of the choices allow you to break open this Sunday's readings through a variety of activities. These activities are varied in hopes of fitting the interests of your family. Be sure to make your time with this playlist family time. You may want to read the Sunday readings and parent article below to better understand the topic, and then simply choose an activity you and your family can enjoy together as a means for having a faith conversation. Enjoy your family time!



Family Stories:

  • "Your Magnificent Chooser: Teaching Kids to Make Godly Choices" by John Ortberg
  • "The Golden Acorn" by Katy Hudson
  • "What's My Super Power? " by Aviaq Johnston
  • "Have you Filled a Bucket Today?: A Guide to Daily Happiness for Kids" by Carol McCloud and David Messing

Articles for Parents: click on the PDF below to read this sample chapter from 7 Keys to Spiritual Wellness by Joe Paprocki. This chapter focuses on the virtue of humility. What does it really mean to be humble and how does humility bring you closer to God?

Blog Post for Teens:


  • List 10 ways your family can put others first in October
  • Make a chart with your child that shows PRIDEFUL actions on one side and HUMBLE actions on the other. Together, fill out the chart showing ways that your family can replace selfish or prideful actions with more humble, selfless actions.
  • After reading "Have You Filled A Bucket Today?" listed above, make a list of "bucket fillers" and "bucket dippers" together as a family. Place the list in an important place to remind everyone in the family to focus on filling the bucket of others.
  • Create a mind map of your friends and family and list all their great qualities.


  • Practice listening to someone's story without adding your own accomplishment, experience or story. JUST LISTEN!


  • The Litany of Humility is a powerful prayer composed by Rafael Cardinal Merry de Val who was the Secretary of State to St. Pius X. Though long, the nature of the prayer helps the speaker to focus on all that is drawing he or she away from Christ and toward the need to be the focus of attention. How might this prayer be used as a focus for discussion with your adolescent?

  • The Five Finger Prayer below is a great way to teach children humility by having the smallest finger represent prayers for yourself; putting your needs AFTER others.

Big picture


Use the videos below as a springboard for conversation! Discuss how the short film encourages you to consider the blessing of putting others first!
Color Your World With Kindness
Hair Love | Oscar®-Winning Short Film (Full) | Sony Pictures Animation



  • How could you use your special skills to help others?
  • What could you give up to put others first?
  • Is there anything you have that is more than you need? What could you share with others?
  • How could being humble open the door to better friendships and family relationships?
  • Why do some people always think they are better than others? Do you think there might be something happening in their own lives that makes them feel small or alone?


PROSTRATION: a prayer posture in which a person lies stretched out on the ground, face down, as a sign of adoration of God, submission to the will of God or humility before God. This posture is part of the Rite of Ordination

Office of Evangelization and Catechesis

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