You've Been Invited to Compete

In the CrossFit Average Joe Box Vs Box for the Cup & Prizes

Box Vs Box is back!

This is a fun, high energy event for all levels. Guilford CrossFit currently holds the cups and bragging rights from last years competition. Your box will go head to head with other boxes for the big winner's cup and prizes to the top teams.

We are very excited too add a new team this year as well: CrossFit Unlimited Potential out of Newington.

Guilford will be hosting for the new season in February.

Teams that will be competing:

- Guilford CrossFit

- CrossFit Reload

- CrossFit Unlimited Potential

- CrossFit Bethany

If your box would like to be part of the Box Vs Box competitions please contact us at:

The Rules:

Teams will compete in a competition throughout the year with a different host box each time.

Divisions: Rx, Scaled, Masters, Teens (The teens will be a separate Box Vs Box event, so if your box does not have a teen program it will not effect the scoring)

Team Registration to the event: 1 ticket per team

WODs are posted on our Facebook paige

Held at Guilford CrossFit!

Friday, Feb. 20th 2015 at 9am

367 Soundview Rd

Guilford, CT

Box Vs Box Throwdown

WOD 1: Clean Ladder

RX Scaled Masters Teens (11-14)

For time:

3 Squat cleans (135/95) ( 85/55 ) ( 95/65 ) (45/35)

3 Squat cleans (145/105) ( 95/65 ) (115/75 ) (55/45)

3 Squat cleans (155/115) (105/75) (135/85 ) (65/55)

2 Squat cleans (165/125) (115/85) (155/95 ) (70/60)

1 Squat clean (175/135) (125/95) (165/105) (75/65)

All 3 competitors will have only 6 minutes total to go as far as they can in this ladder. Only one person working at a time when that person can no longer move up the ladder the next person can go.

Strategy is key.

WOD 2: Partner Fight Gone Bad (one person working at a time)

(Ex. Once team completes all 150 WBs then you can move on to the SDHPs)

RX Scaled Masters Teens (11- 14)

150 Wallballs (20/14) (14/12) (14/12) (12/8 )

KB SDHPs (55/35) (45/25) (45/35) (25/15)

90 Box Jumps (20/20) (20/12) (20/20) (20/12)

60 Push Press (75/65) (65/35) (75/55) (35/15)

30 Calorie Row


For time:

800 meter Plank Run. Break it up however you want. All three partners will run at the same time, one partner will carry the plate and hand it off when they want.

The plate cannot touch the ground, if it does the team must stop and do 5 burpees before moving on.

(RX 45/25) (Scaled 25/15) (Masters 25/15) (Teens 15/10)

Stay posted for more info!