FEED Teaching Component

By Alice Gao Page 207-223



  • Titus is in the waiting room in the hospital. While he is waiting, a woman, who sits beside him, wants to tell him a story. He sees lots of patients locked into wheels with arms and legs spread out.


  • Violet's father comes to the hospital. He gives Titus an address, where can help monitoring Violet's feed function. Violet Durn, Feed Efficiency : 87.3%.
  • When Titus gets the chance to see her, she apologizes for her behavior. But in Titus' heart, he doesn't want to forgive her.


  • Violet told Titus, she lost a year of memory when she was six, and believes that they will still be together.
  • And Titus asks how she feels at the party.
  • Violet and her father petition FeedTech for free repairs. They threaten corporate sponsors if FeedTech doesn't agree to repair, then they would take their business elsewhere.


  • Titus talks to Quendy, and told her that Violet was sorry. Quendy knows that wasn't Violet's fault, but she is still mad at her.
  • The limbic system in the feed controls the whole brain including emotions and memories.



  • " Her feed's warranty had expired years ago" (Anderson 219) She doesn't have money to get a new feed or fix her old feed. She didn't fix it until her body can't afford the malfunctioning feed any more.
  • " I watched Violet and her father petition FeedTech for free repairs." (Anderson 219) Titus' family never has to worry about repairing feed for free from FeedTech.

New Historicism/ Cultural study

  • Feed = computer
  • "Feed Efficiency: 87.3%... The efficiency went up to 87.4% " (Anderson 210) it's like the CPU ( Central Processing Unit) from computer. CPU controls the whole computer efficiensively just like how the feed controls human's brain.
  • Feed has life span just like a computer does. Computers need to update when they are at certain level, so does feed. "Her feed's warranty had expired years ago." (Anderson 219)

Essential Question:To what extent does media influence personal appearance, self-image, and choice?

Through media people will find out news from different aspects, then if they feel interesting they will start following. Media can change people’s mind in both good way and bad way. Media can influence people a lot, which is demonstrated in the book: “You must be chatting about how Quendy looks really sexy” (Anderson 199). Quendy makes more lesions is because they make her look more fashion than before. In real life people will change their styles just because some famous people wear it as well as appearing on the media.

Discussion Question

After you read, go back to pages 229-233 and reread Violet’s “Definitive list of things I want to do.” Then, contrast these activities with the first sentence of the book: “We went to the moon to have fun, but the moon turned out to completely suck.” Do you think Titus and the others are spoiled by the feed?
Anderson, M.T., Feed. Cambridge, MA: Candlewick Press, 2002. Print.