Articles of Confederation

by: Cate Starnes

About the Articles of Confederation

The Articles of Confederation was the first attempt at a government after England. The articles were made to be so weak so that the government would not take advantage of the colonists rights.
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Strengths of the Articles

The strengths of the articles were that it governed the nation during the revolutionary war, negotiated the Treaty of Paris of 1783, land Ordinance of 1785, and the north west ordinance of 1787.
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Weaknesses of the articles

The weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation are that it lacked power to enforce laws, lacked power to levy taxes, control trade, 9 of the 13 states have to have the same answer in voting in order to have a law passed, and there was no national army.
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The North West Ordinance of 1787

The North West Ordinance of 1787 was when a territory reached a population 60,000 they became a state and they ended slavery. This was important because it helped create states in the United States. The positive effects of the north west ordinance were it helped the U.S become a bigger country. The negative effects was that they were on the natives land and had to move.
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Shays' Rebellion

Shays Rebellion was a series of protests in 1786 and 1787 by american farmers against state and local enforcement of tax collectors and judgments for debt. The causes were the congress had a money shortage and the farmers could not pay there taxes and thrown in jail the effect is many Americans realized the government is weak. There were no positive effects and the negative effects were people were going to jail and they would burn down court houses.
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