Eternal Rest Funeral Home

Since 1950

About Us

Welcome to the Eternal Rest Funeral Home, we have been serving Christian families around the Philadelphia region for over 50 years. It is our privilege to provide funeral services of the utmost quality. We know this is a difficult time for families, we acknowledge this and we will do whatever it takes to help make the bridge between your loved ones death, and the burial as smooth as possible.

What we do

Here at Eternal Rest Funeral Home, you are more than a client, you are a member of the family. We will work with you to plan out the funeral the way that you want it, and we will help you budget the costs of the funeral along the way. We specialize in Christian funeral services, however if you are not Christian feel free to stop by, we can see if we can still fulfill your funeral service needs, or we will get you to a funeral home that is able to help you out.