The Discovery space shuttle

you will love it, I garentee it

by: Rithvik n.

The construction

the construction started from 1979 to 1984.This went from fabrication to the body flap in the interior

the crew

their were more than a hundred crew members known so far and mostly traveld in big groups.

what did it discover

the Discovery was only used for American space intelligence and could be used to do expiriments in space , and was used to find how planets were formed , not all expiriments where confermed that they are true but they are known as myths

the Discovery

The discovery was the third in Nasa's space shuttle missions .

And has flew 39 time into space , but the shuttle know is retired and is in display in a mueseum.some of the tasks it has been through was to luanch the hubble telescope into space. modifications from 1995 to 2002 and had to be transported on top of a boeing 474. it completed all missions perfectly and has worked for more than 27 years. its engine broke in 1984 . this shuttle was also used to ressuply the international spacestation.

its job

The shuttle was an orbiter which ment it would just go around earth looking for something or trying something can be research also . It has gone over 5,830 orbits .

its name

Discovery was named after two sailing ships, according to NASA. One of those ships, commanded by Henry Hudson, was most famous for a voyage in 1610-11 to search for a waterway between the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. James Cook commanded another ship called Discovery when his crew was the first European group to set foot in the Hawaiian islands in 1778

the number of times its orbit the Earth

Discovery completes one orbit around Earth every 90 minutes.

The speeed

five times the speed of a bullet.

records set

-the oldest still working space shuttle in the world

-most crew members on one trip

-most times flewn up into space