Weekly Newsletter / February 19, 2016

Product Assortment

On behalf of the marketing team, we wanted to let you know that we have heard your requests for a more robust product assortment, and we are diligently working on providing you with the items that you need in order to be successful. Several weeks ago, Market Managers were asked to compile a list of

"Market Wants": We define this as: items that would be good to have in our lineup to round out overall assortment. These are not the products that you need for a particular customer, but identified gaps in our lineup.

We have worked through this list, and wanted to provide you with updates on where we are at with that list. Click here to review


Please note that we are still working through this list, but we wanted to make you aware of the progress we were making.

We understand how important Product Assortment is to you, and we will be sending out surveys, every couple of weeks, to review specific product categories. Asking for your direction on the items that are missing. Once you have identified the gaps, we will quickly to find a solution and let you know when it is in stock. We will also keep you informed of all of the New Items we have brought in. *Expect the survey early next week.

"Market Needs": If you have a customer who needs a particular product that we do not have, and they want to begin ordering please put that through our New Item Process. You do not need to wait to place it on the survey. We consider that a Market Need, and we will ensure that we get you the code, in the 5-10 day turnaround.

Discontinued Blow Out Items- Need to Clean up the Slots

As a team, we have decided to Discontinue the following items (**these items have been reviewed and approved by the CDS team) due to lack of movement. However, we still have cases in the slots and need your help moving through this inventory allowing us to empty out the slot. We have added Hot Pricing to these items to help them move.

You will be directed to the Blow Out documents by clicking on the bar below.

New Items in STOCK!!!

These new items have been brought in to stock within the last few weeks. If you are interested in selling these products please make sure to submit usage so we do not short customers.

You can visit New Item- Point of Sale by clicking the blue link below. We continue to work on POS and New Item Launch Packets for each of our new stocked items.

Long Inventory Blow Out

We are a bit long on inventory on these items. We are offering hot pricing on "long" cases to help stabilize inventory and avoid the dreaded and very expensive liquidation. Please note these items are not being discontinued.

Lets work together to ensure we do not liquidate. Please click on the link below to review all of the items we NEED your help on. The list reviews the items and the cases at risk.

Long Inventory: Please help Move

Click here to review the inventory we are long on, as well as the amount of cases at risk.

Have You Reviewed Discontinuation Recommendations?

DS Recommendations-Need Your Approval : Click Here

We have a list of items we are asking you to review this week (Dennis sends out an email on a weekly basis). This is a reminder to review these items and ensure that you are not working with a customer or have a customer buying any of these items.

Big image

Did You Know? For Special Order Item Codes

  1. You have to place an order through the Non Stock System to get a Non Stock Code. In the past, Dave may have allowed some requests to move through, but has been since told we have to follow the process of all other divisions. Please use the NSO system to have special order items created. If you are unsure, about NSO process, please reach out to Matt Miller for more information.
  2. Please monitor your Special Orders Weekly. Reach out to Dave if you have an order that is over two weeks old and is not attached to a PO, or is still on order from vendor
  3. For all DOT Special Order Items, there is a 4-5 week lead time. Dave will always call this out, but please make sure you are aware when you are placing the order. These will have a sub vendor of 05 under DOT.

Tips and TidBits

Who do I contact for Special Orders?

Who can help me cancel a Halperns' JIT order?

When can I expect to see inventory on a specific item?

Do you find yourself asking these types of questions throughout the day? If so, your answers can be found by visiting our Who to Call When you Need document posted on our Mid Atlantic site and is updated as needed. To access, click the blue link below labeled "Mid-Atlantic Sales and Marketing Site." The document is listed under Contact Information.

If you have additional suggestions, please feel free to reach out to Candyce Thornton directly.

New Point of Sale from Key Impact- Please review and Download

Jon Bacher from Key Impact created a new Point of Sale piece feature several of their items. This is a great piece to review with customers!!! Especially with the Building Your Business Promotion Coming Up.

Click here to review the POS piece.


Branded POS Available!!! Great Resource for Building Your Business!!!! Click on the Google Drive Box Below

Rob Adams wants YOU to Build Your Business and become a Sales Rep Baller

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Building Your Business

Monday, Feb. 29th, 7am

This is an online event.

Remember the Building Your Business Promotion starts on Feb. 29th. This is a great way to increase business with current customers as well as leveraging the program with NEW!!!!!

Happy Selling!!!

Insider Info News

Fruits, Vegetables & Dairy

Heat Wave In Desert Growing Regions

A recent strong, high-pressure system moving through the South-West has caused temperatures to rise tothe low to mid-80s in the desert growing regions, with elevated wind gusts up to 35 mph. The temperature spike is expected to continue for the next 12-14 days. This warming comes on the heels of an extended period of cool temperatures that resulted in lettuce ice,which stunted growth and tightened supplies. The increased temperatures will stimulate growth; ample supplies can be expected over the next two weeks. Heat-related defects which may develop are:

 Decay

 Dehydration

 Growth cracks

 Inconsistent or dense texture

 Insect pressure

 Internal burn

 Mildew pressure

 Protruding ribs

 Ribby shape

 Rib blight

 Sun scalding

Some value-added leaf lettuce and tender leaf crops are also experiencing several of the above-mentioned quality concerns and will likely exhibit shortened shelf-life from heat stress. Harvesting and processing crews are heavily trimming product in order to better detect and avoid serious defects, but will not be able

Price Increases

Lamb Weston Potato Products

Due to increased demand and supply challenges on the Chopped & Formed and IQF potato products, Lamb Weston will be passing along a price increase effective March 7, 2016.

Trade East Spices & Seasonings

Due to market increases, Trade East Spices & Seasonings will be going up effective February 29, 2016.

Below is a summary:

 Spices & Seasonings - 10 to 11%

 Paprika - 6%

 Cinnamon - 6%

 Pepper - 4%



More of the same at the CME Block and Barrel Trading floor. Data that has been released in the past weeks have confirmed what we have known. Supply is over demand. Imports increased and exports decreased, and the international markets are very competitive. This is resulting in a lower market with opportunities on the upside being limited. Speculators think we will continue to see the same market range in the coming weeks.


Liquid eggs continue to be tight due to the Avian Influenza epidemic. Industry continues to work toward re-balancing supply. Expect the industry disruption to last through early to mid-summer. Within shell eggs,retail demand only fair. Supplies available. Market attempting to test.


Butter production is high for this time of year and churns are running at close to full capacity, while demand is soft but steady; futures are at or close to where things are today.

The Gordon Family Video

I am sure you already know what an AMAZING family you work for; but what you may not know is that the Gordon Family has a great sense of humor. Every year the Media team creates several short videos starring the family! I thought I would share.