come on texans lets join!

pro annexation by: austin chaney febuary 18, 1843

what would happen if we annex to america?

If we Texans annex to America we would join as the 28th state. Also, we would enter as A territory, but eventually become a state along with the perks of statehood. This suits everyone because if you are against becoming a territory it is alright because we will eventually become a state.

all debts abolished

If we annex to America they will pay off our large debt we owe from our battles with Mexico, and this is our best option right now to rid us of our unwanted debt. if we do this us texans will be finally debt free.

Defenses and security

how we will be safe from the mexican army

By annexing to America the Americans will set up defenses and replace our army with their army, which is more experienced . By letting Americans accept us as a part of America us texans will have a sense of security from the Mexican army, which is something we have not experienced in a long time.

Postal system

Since we have formed a Republic us Texans have not had an effective postal system, however if we annex to america we will have an effective postal system to send mail to our beloved family and friends.

monetary system

Since we have formed a Republic, we have been using an ineffective monetary system. If we annex to america this will be no more because we will be part of Americas thriving monitary system.