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August 22, 2018

7th/8th Grade Open House is Monday, August 27th!

7th & 8th Grade Open House

Dear Parents,

Murphy Middle School looks forward to welcoming you to our annual 7th and 8th grade Open House on Monday August, 27th.

Parents and students will begin their “mini-school day” at 6:30 p.m. At that time, you will begin moving through an abbreviated version of your child’s daily schedule, meeting his/her teachers, and becoming acquainted with the curriculum. We will have eight-minute classes with four-minute passing periods in between.

Students are welcome to attend open house, escort their parents throughout the evening, and then remain in each classroom throughout their teacher’s presentation. Our hallways are designed to accommodate the natural flow of our students, and our classrooms are designed to comfortably house 30 students; please prepare for a bit of a crowd and some elevated temperatures as we double or triple the normal population in a classroom.

The PTA will be having their general meeting at 6:00 in the cafeteria and the book fair will open early at 6:00.

First period will begin promptly at 6:30 p.m., so please don’t be “tardy.” We look forward to seeing you on August 27th. A bell schedule for the evening is below.

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Murphy Parents,

We would like to take a moment to inform you that we just conducted a fire drill, a reverse evacuation drill, a lockdown drill and a shelter drill as part of our district and campus efforts to educate, train, and evaluate our campus emergency preparedness. These were only drills.

Your students know exactly what to do during these safety procedures as well as our other emergency drills. Our lockdown protocol is "Locks, lights, out of sight."

In Plano ISD and Murphy Middle School we use the Standard Response Protocol in preparing for and responding to emergency events. To learn more about SRP, you can visit the website,

To summarize, this was only a drill, all students are safe, and they know exactly how to properly execute a lockdown drill.

Carpool, Arrival, and Departure

· We provide crossing guards between our building and the inner carpool parking lot and between the MMS property and the Kimbrough Stadium parking lot. You may want to consider dropping off at these locations in the morning or making arrangements with your child to meet you at one of these locations in the afternoon.

· Entering into our circular carpool area from 8:00 - 8:30 and from 3:20 – 3:40 can be a time-consuming endeavor; please be ready to spend time waiting if you enter the carpool loop. Please be courteous and patient.

· Please do not stop in the crosswalks. Students need a clear and safe path to cross through traffic.

· All student drop-offs and pick-ups must occur with your vehicle’s passenger side tires against the curb that runs closest to our building. Please do not drop your child off in the left lane; we never want students walking in between cars. Students dropped off in the carpool lane or the the Kimbrough parking lot will enter the building at the main entrance.

· Beyond the Eastern exit of the inner circle parking lot, traffic should move in a single line.

· You may pull away from the curb and into the left lane after drop-off or pick-up if the lane is open and it will move the carpool line forward.

· If you see your student standing at the crosswalk area of the carpool loop in the afternoon, you may bypass the line of cars – if the outer lane is clear – and pull past the crosswalk to pick up your student. Again, please make sure that your vehicle’s passenger side tires are against the curb.

· If your student will be walking to or from school, there will be crossing guards at the light near our entrance.

· The bus lane is located on the East and South side of the building. For this reason, there should be no drop-offs or pick-ups in the east parking lot near the tennis courts or in the bus lane.

· Do not make a U-Turn after dropping your child off at the curb of the road running between Murphy and the Kimbrough parking lot. If you choose to drop your child here, pull far forward (parallel to the gym) and then exit by using the road running in front of Kimbrough Stadium. NO U-TURNS.

· There is a double turn lane from the South bound lanes of Murphy Road. Please consider this as you pull in for morning drop off and afternoon pick up. If you want to enter the carpool circle, you need to be in the right or westernmost turn lane off of Murphy Road. The inside or easternmost turn lane will allow you to either go straight or turn left (north) toward McMillen.

Lunch Information

Please remember that students may only receive lunches from someone who is listed on their emergency contact card; do not bring lunch for children other than your own.

As this is a statewide policy and a safety issue, please understand that we will not allow students to eat lunches provided by anyone except for someone on their emergency contact card.

To check your child's balance and add money to his or her account visit:

*This is link is also posted in Parent Portal


As we move into athletic competition season, please be advised that all spectators must comply with Plano ISD stadium rules.

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PTA News and Updates

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