Aerica Toliver Block:6 Grade:7th

Public speaking

Public speaking is by far the worst activiy to do in Avid. Its all about you presenting a random subject or a stroy you wrote. In avid you have to do alot of thing in order to past that test . You have to Walk in a steady pace , talk loundly , eye contact , and with positivity. For me it was kind of hard to do so when over 10 kids are starring at you ; but now its not that bad if you just think about the other kids having to present , and they could just as nervous as you are.


I grew alot as an Avid student . It helped me learn alot more stratiges such as organization. Now honestly im not the cleanest person , expecially if you want me to keep a project paper it might me lost the next day . But in Avid we have a binder check , and i absolutly hate binder checks . NO Papers in your binder pocket, have a miniuim of penicls and pens , and have every paper hole punched. Eventually when i got the hang of it i started to do every helpful strategie to help me pass the binder check

C -Notes

Cornell notes are very helpful for me . C notes are notes that could help you with studying important imformation . i like to take the notes to study for a test. The main strategie is to highlight the vocabulary and to write have your question to rememeber the correct information


TRF helped me grow as a student . a TRF is a paper that you can write a question you have troble uderstanding . A tutor and other students help you by asking question to see how you completed the answer you got wrong and basically help you with you POC. By that happening it helps me get test corrections to a 70 or above and just knowing more than i used to


My planner is filled with all the things weve done each day at Coble . My planner actually helps me alot as a Avid student. It helps me to remember if i need to study or to do homework for one of my classes , and it also get me a good grade in Texas History.