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An unforgettable experience of my life with smokeless cigarettes

A few months back, I was introduced to electronic cigarettes by my friend. He explained me the usage as well as several benefits in comparison to traditional tobacco cigarettes. The benefits that he explained me really impressed me. It wasn’t until a couple weeks ago that I decided to get one for myself. But I had a doubt that whether e cigarettes will be able to satisfy the cravings or not. Not knowing which one was the best, I first read all the electronic cigarette consumer reviews over the internet. I thought that the reviews can help me guide in picking the best item.

I came across several reviews that were good as well as odd. But some of the brands that I found to be appealing were V2 Cigs, South Beach Smoke, and EverSmoke and Premium Electronic cigarette. Taking into consideration various factors such as cost, performance and quality, I decided to go for South Beach Smoke electronic cigarette. I really wanted to get a starter kit from this brand as I came to know that it offers several good quality products. The main attracting feature that I found with this brand always offers discounts and coupons that allow saving me a bunch of money.

Thus, I had made my decision to get my new e cig starter kit from South Beach Smoke in part because they are one of the affordable kits available in the market. I chose South Beach Smoke e cigarette because they had nothing but good reviews. This brand is considered as one of the best rated brands among all for contributing good products to its users. Moreover, it always comes up with a variety of choices than any other brand. The lifetime warranty, shipping policy etc also attracted me greatly.

Of all the brands I checked out I kept coming back to South Beach Smoke e cigarette because they seem to be making a lot of happy customers from all around the world.

Disposables saved me!!

As I am a Sales Manager, I am always on the go due to office work. During my journeys, I don’t get enough time to recharge my e cigarette every time. So, I always charge my electronic cigarette battery the day before the travel. But this time, I was so involved in my work that I really forgot to recharge my electronic cigarette. Moreover, I forgot to take my charger with me. I remembered when after vaping, the battery got discharged. Well, I am an intense vaper and can’t stay without vaping these battery operated devices. I was literally depressed. My depression led my room partner; I mean my colleague to ask about it.

When I discussed my worry in front of my colleague, to my surprise he started laughing. The reason behind the laugh was that he was carrying disposable cigarette with him. Well, I knew about disposable electronic cigarettes, but never used it. So, he immediately gave me one to vape it. Out of the several brands, I always use South Beach Smoke and luckily the person also gave me disposable from the same brand.

The main feature of Disposable electronic cigarette was that once the battery goes dead, we can simply throw it out. Hence, I used them during those days when my e cigarette battery got dead. Today, I can say that disposables really saved me and I can never forget this experience in the future. After returning from my trip, I searched for e cigarette reviews because I was extremely satisfied with it. I found that the reviews were great and hence I decided that whenever I am going for a journey, I would definitely purchase disposables prior to it.