Fox Road Media Tech Tips: December

December is all about being Reflective!

Looking for PYP Read-Alouds? Look no further!

Don't forget that some of the possible attitudes that go along with being Reflective are APPRECIATION, COMMITMENT, and INDEPENDENCE. There's also a display of Reflective books - stop by and take a look!

Reflective Books

Suggestions Welcome...

Do you or your students have suggestions of other great books that encompass being reflective? If so, let me know. I'd love to hear from you!

Tis the Season...

to incorporate multi-cultural books into your classroom! December is more than Christmas, and there are stories that honor our student's diversity all around us. See Ms. Zaccardi for plenty of suggestions.

Looking to Integrate Technology into Your Lessons?

Kudos to our Discovery Ed Team for including links to the various ways you can integrate technology into your lessons (DSAP). You can find the presentation here!

Tech Bytes

December’s Tech Tip:

How to Flip your Screen.

(Please read entire article before you attempt anything)

1. Press CTRL + ALT + the up arrow key (see image below)

2. Next press CTRL + ALT + the right arrow key

3. Then press CTRL + ALT + the left arrow key

4. Finally, CTRL + ALT + the down arrow key

Big image

Just by way of FYI, students love to flip their teachers’ monitor displays. I can’t begin to tell you how many screens I have had to re-orient over the course of my computer support career.

So, if you do have any pranksters in your class, at least now you know how to re-set your monitor display back to normal.

Finally, if the above procedure did not work on your computer, it likely means that you have a version of Windows that doesn’t support those key strokes or that the key-combo has been disabled. In those cases, please give either me or Ms. Zaccardi a call and we will come to the rescue.