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Friday, April 29th, 2016

Fun for Next Month

A lot of changes will happen starting next week.

First of all, we will start our flexible seating next week in our class. This means that each day, children will be allowed to choose where to sit! They can sit at any table, or if they want, on the carpet with a clipboard! They can sit next to their friends. They can sit someplace new each hour if they want! The only rule: they must still listen during quiet time and work during work time. If they are not following those two rules, I will have special seating for the rest of the day for that student. I hope that this new change will encourage independence in the children. I also hope it will make them think about making wise choices and problem solving. It will be fun to watch the students be in charge of their seating, and therefore their behavior too!

Another change that starts next week: Marvelous May! Each day we will do something fun, counting down to the last day of school. See the calendar on the back of your child's folder for the theme for each day. The calendar is also at the bottom of this newsletter. If you have any questions about each day's theme, please email me!


Student of the Month: Tamia Moore

Artist of the Month: Trevor Peavler & Aryelle Taufetee

Music Cool Cat Award: Ameryah Powell

Super Singer: Zani Rigby, Ameryah Powell, Kylin Rigsby

Caterpillar to Chrysalis to Butterfly, Oh My!

For the past few weeks, our class has been learning about metamorphosis and the life cycle of a butterfly. We watched our teeny, tiny little caterpillars eat and eat, doubling in size each day! Then we witnessed them crawl to the ceiling of their container and hang in the shape of the letter "j." Without us realizing it, they shed their outer skin and a chrysalis was waiting underneath! After two days of hardening, we moved them from the lid to the net, where they stayed in their chrysalis for 10 tens.

On Sunday, they started to hatch. When we returned to school on Monday, all four butterflies had emerged from their chrysalis. We watched them as their wings began to dry and they used their proboscis to drink the sugar water we left for them. On Wednesday, all four butterflies' wings were dry and they were anxious to be set free. On that sunny afternoon, we watched each butterfly take flight! It was a wonderful experience from beginning to end. Enjoy the pictures below!

During the wait time from beginning to end, we started working on our "Very Hungry Caterpillar" journals. Each day the students illustrated their own books, adding amazing details to their version of the story by Eric Carle. We also created our own Butterfly Life Cycle picture using pasta (and a rice kernel for the egg)! It was a fun, hands-on way to express the different stages of metamorphosis.
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Growing Readers This Week and Last!

Last week and this week we had a few more students move up to a new independent reading level! I am so proud of our readers in our classroom! Please help me congratulate the following students for reading so well that they were ready to move up to their next level:
  • Austin Maust
  • Zani Rigby
  • Ja'Qwann Edwards
  • Lorelei Braniff
  • Jaylan Velez
  • Eva Dennis
  • Aidenn Williams
  • Aryelle Taufetee

Book Fair Begins Next Week in the Library!

End to our Essential Egg Question

We asked the essential question, "What will be in our eggs?" The students had many different guesses (see the examples in the pictures below). After the students made their prediction, we then researched their ideas online. We looked at turtle eggs, dinosaur eggs, snake eggs, eagle eggs, and many more! We realized as we looked at each example that those eggs did not match our eggs! So after we looked up a few more types of eggs, we came to the conclusion that our eggs were probably chicken eggs.

Throughout last week, we watched the eggs wiggle, crack, and hatch. It was really fun witnessing the entire process. We had four chicks hatch from Thursday to Saturday. Unfortunately, two of the chicks did not survive, having had some natural health issues. However, we did have two healthy chicks keep us company this week. They chirped during quiet time and followed us with their eyes when we were at centers. The students were able to pet them, too! On Wednesday they went on to the farmer, where they will be raised.

I hope your children enjoyed this project as much as I did! It was exciting to watch this experience through their eyes.

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Rainbow Wall Update

Even though we had a very busy week, a few children were added to the Rainbow Wall, having practiced their sight words at home! Please help me give a shout to the following kiddos for continuing their growth up the Rainbow Wall:

  • Blue: Amaya Oddo
  • Purple: Aidenn Williams
  • Pink: Savannah High, Trevor Peavler, Aidenn Williams
  • Cloud (1st Grade Words): Jaylan Velez

Review: Can your child read this?

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Show-N-Tell Next Week: Letter Y

ABC Song: The Letter Y, "Try Y" by StoryBots
"The Letter Y Song" by

Moving Up in Math!

Since most of our students can write their numbers, add, subtract, tell how many, count to 100 by ones, fives, and tens....we decided it was time to move on! As we are 19 days from being first graders, we decided to get a bit of a head start! So here is what we have started and will continue until the end of the year:
Telling Time For Children - Learning the Clock
"Coins!" by
Money Song | Show Me the Money | Coin Song | Educational Songs | Jack Hartmann
Counting By Twos Song Video
The Counting by Twos Song ♫♪♫ | Scratch Garden
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