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from WSU's Center for Teaching and Learning

Feature: Take Your Pilot Course to the Next Level

The Center for Teaching and Learning is your one-stop resource for all things Pilot. Whether you're just getting started and need to learn the basics or are ready to kick things into high gear with customized features, our knowledgeable staff are ready to make magic happen.

Our FREE Pilot workshops will help you rock your Pilot course. Sign up online here!

Did you know CTL offers a host of online video tutorials to help you learn Pilot?

Cheryl Silcox, our LMS Technologist, runs open labs throughout the year. Pick the one that fits your schedule or contact Cheryl directly to set up a one-on-one consultation!

Tips for Managing Small Group Activities

Small group activities don't have to be scary. Here are five tips from CTL Instructional Designer Greg Asman on how to manage them smoothly in your classroom:

  1. A tip!
  2. Another tip!
  3. Yet another tip!
  4. Wow, more tips!
  5. The best tip for last.