Don't Place the Oil Rig!

It's a bad idea!

It Kills!

  • The oil rig will kill the fish.
  • In turn we will lose our jobs.
  • This also affects other animals.
  • Fish are also a source of food.
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It Causes Bad Water Quality

  • Bad water quality kills animals
  • It also kills humans.
  • We need healthy water for drinking and for things like bathing and cleaning.

Rigs are Bad for the Enviroment

  • We should save non-renewable sources for later on.
  • If we wait there will be a bigger store later.
  • Oil rigs release smoke that harms air quality.
  • An explosion would release debris, smoke, and oil into the air and water.

Oil Rig Explosion

Oil rigs explode at the smallest things

  • leaking pipes
  • electric sparks
  • etc.
All of these cause explosions.