Alexander Fleming

By: Madi Wood

Biography of Alexander Fleming

Alexander Fleming was born on August 6th, 1881 in a small town in Scotland by the name of Ayrshire. He had seven siblings, six older and one younger. Fleming's father died when he was very young and he spent his school years switching between schools in Ayrshire. A women by the name of Sarah Marion McElroy got married to him in the year of 1915. He then moved to London, and spent four years in a shipping office before realizing he was really interested in medical science and medicine. To satisfy his needs for science, he joined St. Mary's Medical School. As a result of this he served in WWI as a captain of the army medical corps.

Serving in WWI made him want to be able to heal all of the dying soldiers. Being interested in medicine sense he was young he came up with the drug Penicillin, along with a few others. Penicillin was the start of modern medicine, and is still used in a lot of antibiotics today.In 1945 he received the Nobel Peace Prize for creating this so called "wonder drug." Shortly after, in 1949 his wife, Sarah Marion McElroy died. He got remarried four years later to, Dr. Aimalia Koutsouri-VoureckaIn.They had one child by the name of Robert. Alexander Fleming successful life came to an end on March 11th, 1955, due to a heart Attack.

Alexander Fleming's Discovery of Penicillin

Movie Questions

True or False: Fleming resumed his work at St. Mary's Hospital after returning back from the war?

How did he discover the worlds first antibiotic, Penicillin?

How he impacted the world

If it wasn't for Alexander Fleming antibiotics that use penicillin would have never been discovered. He discovered the worlds first antibiotic and was a hero for this.