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Frukostmöte om e-postmarknadsföring

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Om Mailchimp

Add new subscribers, manage your lists and view reports wherever you are with MailChimp's iPhone app.

- Manage Your Lists -
Monitor the growth of your lists, see which subscribers are most engaged and make changes to subscriber records. No computer required.

- View Reports -
Don't wait to get back to your desk to see how your campaigns are performing. Just pull out your phone and get instant access to all your reports.

Vår agenda

  • Add subscribers to any list and assign them to interest groups.
  • See recent events in your account.
  • See where in the world your emails are being opened.
  • See who's tweeting and retweeting your campaigns.
  • See how much revenue your campaigns have generated.
  • See email clients, recent subscribers and full lists.
  • Get updates about campaigns in progress.
  • See how many rewards you have earned.
  • Add multiple MailChimp accounts.
  • Lock the app with a passcode for additional security.

15 september

Wednesday, Sep. 12th 2012 at 9pm

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