Why kids should play football

By Oscar Vanegas


Football is a sport where kids have fun and get to do what they love. Football should be a sport where kids won't have to worry about about being safe, and they don't have have have to worry because there are a lot of benefits. Football teaches important skills that outweigh the small risks associated with the game.
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Football teaches kids teamwork and responsibility."Players learn how to control their emotions when there when they are playing within the rules of the game" ( Youth Football the Benefits). Young athletes also learn to work as a team trusting each other, and helping each other get better because football is a team sport where you have to build chemistry and keep playing as a team. Athletes can use football as a way to motivate themselves and accomplish other things and keep striving for better and bigger things. Athletes can also use football to build friendships and even as far as to building lifelong friendships that boosts the athletes self esteem.


Football is also a great way for kids to lose weight as child obesity is becoming a concern in the US." The percentage growth of kids from age 6-11 that are obese was grown from 7 percent in 1980 to 18 percent in 2010" ( Defending Football rights the benefits). It's really shocking when you think about. Before there were smart phones and X- boxes and now we have I pads, gaming consoles, cell phones, smart watches etc. This new technology is dragging kids into them and having them have more screen time than playing a sport outside, and with football kids will start liking it more and more as they keep playing because they will be more satisfied with their body as they continue to progress.
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Additionally athletes still have more benefits, for example athletes get to socially interact with other teammates. " It's a fact that football athletes have a bigger self esteem than other students"(Three ways your child can benefit from playing football). Another benefit is that football athletes are more responsible than other students. " a report conducted in June of 2012, by the Los Angeles unified school district showed that the 35,000 student athletes in the school district attended an average 21 more days of school than non athletes and athletes had a higher percentage on their GPA's than non athletes".


Some people don't want their kid to play football because they don't want their child to get hurt, but they don't see all the benefits football has, football makes kids grow as individuals, they are more responsible, and athletes would have a better chance to get a scholarships. As kids continue to grow they will improve in football and they might even develop a passion for football.


Finally football does outweigh the risks because there are so many benefits and opportunities for young athletes. Plus there have been many athletes in the NFL that have gotten injured and most of them have said it was all worth it.