Planet Poot

New Planet habitable to humans, biggest discovery ever found

How is it habitable to us?

For millions of years we have been wondering is there another planet that we could live on? Well, now we have found one that has all of the circumstantial evidence that it is indeed supported that there is another planet Earth. Planet Poot may be habitable, but it is not like planet earth.

Planet Poot's Star

One way Planet Poot is different from Earth is it's star. It's sun is a blue main sequence star. It has a shorter life span then our sun, and is much. much hotter. Because of this Planet Poot must be much farther away from it's sun in order for us to be able to live there. This is called it's orbit. Planet Poot's orbit from it's sun is 68 AU.

Planet Poots Mass

Planet Poot's mass ensures a great atmosphere. It's mass is 2, ( Earth is one). The gravity is a little stronger on Poot, making you weigh more than you would on Earth. However it is not a big difference, and not a concern.

Come to Planet Poot now!

Planet Poot promises the water, air, and food you need to live. Earth getting too boring? Experience this remarkable trip to a new life. Take a rocketship over right now !!!