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Did you know 150 species of Crayfish are endangered or vulnerable. Because many human activities put Crayfish and other animals in danger!

What they look like

Crayfish can grow up to 16 in and 41 cm long. Crayfish have up to ten legs and they have spikes on there 2 front claws. Would you like to have spiky claws to fight? Female Crayfish carry around eggs under their tale. Would you like to carry around eggs all day? They can be all kinds of different colors and they look alot like most crabs.

Where they live

Crayfish live on every continent except Africa and Antarctica. The reason why is that in Africa it is too hot and in Antarctica it is too cold. Also if there is bad weather in some places they like , they move to other places except Africa and Antarctica. Would you like to move all around all day? Crayfishes habitat is where there is fresh water. Most of the time some places they live are rivers, lakes, streams, swamps, and ponds. Also sometimes they live on the bottom of shallow waters where there is food. Crayfish also hide underneath rocks to stay away from predators. Crayfish don’t make a home for their young they let their baby,s into the water and do not care for them. I wouldn’t like to be taken care of like that.

What they eat

Crayfish are carnivores they eat underwater plants, fish eggs, snails, worms, and insects and they eat rotting plants and animal waste. Also sometimes eat other Crayfish! That’s gross but do you think so? And they also molt and eat their own skeleton! crayfish fight to catch their pray. Crayfish hunt at night their eyes turn in all directions to look for pray. Do you think that’s weird? They catch their prey with their spiky claws.

Other important facts about Crayfish

Birds, alligators, fish, raccoons, snakes, frogs, and mink eat Crayfish! Female Crayfish lay up to 100 eggs at a time. That would be tiring. Their eggs hatch in a few months or weeks! They can swim backwards and they breath through their gills under their exoskeleton. And Crayfish sometimes have camouflaged bodies so when you go somewhere near water watch out for them very carefully among the water and you will find them!