Application for Assessing Child Development

About Cognoa

One of the largest screeners of child development in the United States, the consumer healthcare company Cognoa is headquartered in Palo Alto, California. Cognoa provides a website, iOS app, and Android app designed to help parents assess their children’s development and evaluate their risk of developmental delay. Cognoa's tools are based on algorithms developed over five years of research at Harvard's and Stanford's medical schools.

Cognoa provides a preliminary screening through an assortment of questions that focus on the child’s typical behaviors when involved in play, communication, and social interaction. Taking into account the child’s age and sex, Cognoa’s machine-learning algorithm assesses the individual’s developmental progress and delivers preliminary results for risk of developmental delay. In addition, parents and caregivers can access a free video evaluation with one of the company’s trained video analysts in order to receive further evaluation and be able to have the most useful conversation with their pediatrician.

Cognoa maintains an active community involvement through the Parent Groups feature released in October 2015. The Parent Groups feature enables users to network and communicate with other families who have similar developmental goals for their children. Additionally, the company’s social media outlets are updated regularly with advice, tips, and articles on childhood development and autism.