Ocean Acidification

What will ocean acidification bring to us in 2050

What is ocean acidification?

Ocean acidification is the decrease of pH in oceans. Caused by Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere (1).

worst Case Scenario for our future

David Hannon stated that we may lose all our coral reefs by 2050 if we don't do something about ocean acidification now. Its a problem on shells and coral reefs. If we don't do something about it our sea creatures shells will melt away due to the toxins. Animals such as sea turtles are important due to the fact that they eat things such as coral, sponge and seaweed, and if they didn't eat those thing it would cause them to grow to much and kill of other sea plants (2). oceon acidification could also affect humans,by how they earn a living or just live our daily lives (3).

Best case scenario for our future

First thing that we need to do is all step in and reduce the carbon emission. There are easy ways to reduce your own carbon footprint. You could walk more rather than driving everywhere, or recycle, you could even make your own home energy efficient by doing simple thing like turning lights off (4). If we make these simple changes we save a lot of sea creatures, and just make the world overall a better place.

Save the Sea

I hope now you are willing to do the little things that will help stop ocean acidification. Together we can help stop it. Because if we don't many marine life animals will die and you don't want that to happen do you? So go take that plastic bottle and throw it in the recycle bin and help save the ocean life.