Chester Elementary School

May 17, 2019

Greetings CES Families,

CES Bike Rodeo is May 23 from 2:45-3:45 on the CES playground blacktop. This is a great opportunity to learn about bike safety. Students can ride their bikes to school. A big thanks to our PTA, Bodfish Bike Shop and California Highway Patrol (Officer Twitchell!) for providing this excellent opportunity!

Our 3rd-5th graders have finished their math and reading tests. (5th graders will also take a science test next week). Congratulations! Unfortunately, we have to wait a couple months for these results. We will be sharing the results once we receive them.

6th graders are back and start testing next week, since they were on their Plumas to Pacific trip last week. Ms. Klimek shared that she received compliments on how well behaved our 6th graders were from just about every place they visited! Great news, and thank you 6th graders! We are starting to miss you already! Good luck on your tests next week. Please get a good night's sleep and do your best.

CES PTA is looking for new board members, along with more parents to join and help with the many sponsored events. Please fill out a nomination slip and put in the box in the main hallway by May 31st. Thanks so much PTA for an outstanding year! We appreciate you!

Fishing Opportunity June 1! Please see the attached flyer. June 1 from 8:00-12:00 at Canyon Dam students can enjoy a morning of fishing with several supporting agencies. Please consider attending. We hope to see this event continue in the upcoming years. (They will probably catch more fish than I ever catch!)

We need help! We are in desperate need of part time workers at CES to help out with our lunch duty (11-1) and substitute teacher aides. If you have some time during the day, enjoy being around young people and would like to make a little cash, then please let us know. Thanks for considering!

Upcoming Dates

May 20-31 - 6th state testing

May 22 - CES Site Council 3:00, Mt. Lassen Eruption Anniversary (1915)

May 23 - Bike Rodeo 2:45 pm

May 27 - Happy Memorial Day! (no school)

May 29 - Kindergarteners to Turtle Bay

May 31 - AR trip (for the 55 students who qualified - great job!)

June 1 - Fishing day for students at Canyon Day - please see attached flyer

June 1 - CES Drama Club presents Alice in Wonderland (4-7)

June 4-7 - 5th grade trip to Patrick's Point

June 5 - CES PTA meeting 6:15 at CES

June 7 - 4th graders to Seneca

June 10 - PTA Field Day, students released at 1:35 (K 12:30)

June 11 - 5th graders to Lake Almanor

June 12 - 3rd grade to Lake Almanor, 4th grade to hatchery

June 12-14 Min days - students released at 1:00 each day (K released at 12:30)

June 13 - 6th grade promotion assembly

June 14 - last day of school - awards assembly

Our Trip to the Subway Caves and Burney Falls by Anja/3rd grade

Today, I am going to tell you about the 3rd grades Subway caves and Burney falls field trip. First, I will tell you about the Subway caves part of it.Now, the first thing about the Subway caves is the three types of ecosystems we saw. The first one is the micro ecosystem. Micro ecosystems are the tiny parts of the world that contain Biotic ans Abiotic things. Alive and Dead things to put it in an easier way. An example of a Micro ecosystem would be under a rock, where microscopic things live. There is also Meso ecosystems. An example of that is a lake. Meso is medium ecosystems. Then there is Biome ecosystem, like an ocean. That is what we learned about the Subway lava tubes. And now I will tell you about the Burney falls part. To start, I will tell you the sad part. We saw lots of human impact on the beautiful national park. At the waterfall, it was an amazing sight. When we arrived at the visitors center. There, we watched a video on the history of the falls. I hope you learned about our awesome field trip and if you are in second grade, you should look forward to the excursion.

Thanks for your support!

We enjoy partnering with our parents to provide an exceptional elementary education for all of our students. We appreciate your ongoing support to benefit our students. Please let us know if you have any questions.